Gwybodaeth Leaders

Training and Developing Volunteers

Your commitment as a volunteer is a a vital part of the Urdd’s work and we can offer services, information and advice to assist and support you.

Your local Development Officer can provide help and guidance on the following:

     Establishing an Urdd branch (Adran or Aelwyd)
     Child protection and safety of activities in the local branches
     Guidance on the paperwork
     Eisteddfod preparations
     Good practice when organising activities
     Ideas for special themed activities

By becoming a member of the Urdd committee in your area and region, you will have the opportunity to discuss subjects of interest with the support of local, experienced volunteers. As well as this, you will be able to organise particular activities in your area with the assistance of your local Development Officer.

On a more formal level the Urdd offers training and development sessions on the following subjects:

     Child Protection – recommended to each leader
     Safe activities and risk assessments – recommended to each leader
     Ideas and activities for 8-11 year old members
     Ideas and activities for members in their teens

Contact Catrin James for more information: