Gwybodaeth Policies

Code of practice when working with children and young people

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Children and young people protection policy

Urdd Gobaith Cymru wishes to protect children from harm. Staff and volunteers in this organisation accept and acknowledge their responsibility to promote child protection issues. We must ensure that our behaviour does not cause worry, or is in any danger of being misinterpreted. We have a responsibility to ensure that our children are protected from harm.
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Staff and volunteer checks

Staff checks
Urdd Gobaith Cymru ensures that 100% of full time and part time staff and those in training have been CRB checked. When staff join the Urdd, they follow an induction programme. During the induction period they will receive details and instructions on the Urdd’s child protection policy

The Urdd has nearly 10,000 volunteers who contribute to Urdd activities annually. With so many volunteers to be checked, priority is given to those who are in contact regularly with children. Some volunteers are members of committees or volunteer at events whilst others are leaders of Urdd branches or assist on various trips. If you would like to be CRB checked contact your local development officer. For more information on the CRB contact
Catrin James on 01267 676734 or

Policy on use of physical contact and reasonable force
The Urdd has a physical contact and reasonable force policy which is relevant to all staff and volunteers. For a full copy of the policy contact Catrin James on or 01267 676734.

Record events
After every event out of the ordinary, the local development officer should be notified and a written report should be prepared as soon as possible. For a full copy of the policy contact
Catrin James on or 01267 676734.

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